Welcome, to the new way you are going to use your smartphone. At least, if you download SnoozIT!

Small introduction

SnoozIT! is an app that catches all notifications of the apps you tell it to catch. You do receive the actual messages, but don’t receive notifications of them when you don’t want to. You can view the caught notifications later in an orderly list as you are used to when receiving normal notifications.

The app turns all visual and physical aspects (like vibrating, sound and a screen that turns on) off while a SnoozIT! session is running. And you are in charge! You can tell the app easily to catch notifications of Facebook, while still letting phone calls ring! You can also set the desired length of a session whenever you start a new session.

The most important features:

  • Catching the notifications of the apps which you tell SnoozIT! to;
  • Starting a new SnoozIT! session with a desired length or indefinitely;
  • Snoozing for up to 60 minutes after a session’s time ran out;
  • Getting your notifications in an accessible and orderly list.

Tour around the app

Let’s get on with the somewhat visual tour around the app, starting with the “home” screen. The next screen shows when you start the app: Continue reading