Welcome, to the new way you are going to use your smartphone. At least, if you download SnoozIT!

Small introduction

SnoozIT! is an app that catches all notifications of the apps you tell it to catch. You do receive the actual messages, but don’t receive notifications of them when you don’t want to. You can view the caught notifications later in an orderly list as you are used to when receiving normal notifications.

The app turns all visual and physical aspects (like vibrating, sound and a screen that turns on) off while a SnoozIT! session is running. And you are in charge! You can tell the app easily to catch notifications of Facebook, while still letting phone calls ring! You can also set the desired length of a session whenever you start a new session.

The most important features:

  • Catching the notifications of the apps which you tell SnoozIT! to;
  • Starting a new SnoozIT! session with a desired length or indefinitely;
  • Snoozing for up to 60 minutes after a session’s time ran out;
  • Getting your notifications in an accessible and orderly list.

Tour around the app

Let’s get on with the somewhat visual tour around the app, starting with the “home” screen. The next screen shows when you start the app:


This is the home screen. This screen serves multiple purposes:

  • Start a new SnoozIT! session, with the desired session options
  • Adjust session options, such as duration and resetting the caught notifications
    • The duration time can be adjusted to whatever you like via a simple dropdown menu. There even is a “Custom…” option there!
  • And, of course, abort the current SnoozIT! session.

This screen is the first screen you’ll see when starting the app, so you can quickly start a new session with approximately one click when you are in the app!

From this screen you can open a Navigation Drawer (as found in the Google Play Store) and select what screen you want to see next.

When starting a new session, the light-purple bar below the actionbar (the dark-purple bar with “SnoozIT!” in it) will show the text “On Session running” to indicate a session is running.

Choose apps

The main purpose of this screen is to choose the apps that SnoozIT! will ignore, or will catch.

When the checkbox of an app is checked, it means the session will catch the notifications of that certain app. When it is unchecked, the notifications will pass through, and you’d receive the notifications as you are used to.

Recent notifications

This screen shows the Notifications that got caught in the most recent

In the example on the right, you can see I received a WhatsApp message of Mama, saying she likes SnoozIT! I tried to replicate the Android 5.0 default template for Notifications to make it more familiar for the user.

Hmm… I received an e-mail from the SnoozIT! developer… wonder who that could be…

Where and how to download?

Simple! Go to the Google Play Store and search for “snoozit”, or click the following link:

I also made a Free version, you can find it here:

This is my first “big” Android app. It took me over one and half a year, but I am very happy with the result. Thank you for reading and downloading my app!


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